Welcome to Playconsole.games, a new website dedicated to retro console games.

What is it all about?

Surely you have seen this, right? People around you playing classic retro games on their computers. And then when you try and find these classic games on Steam, nothing comes up. What sorcery is this?

It is called emulation. Emulated games are nothing new, even though you may not have heard about it yet. In principle, it is nothing complicated, although at first it may be a bit confusing. So how does it work?

What are emulators and ROM files?

In order to play an old game on your computer, you need an emulator and a ROM file.

What is an emulator?

An emulator is a software that mimics the hardware of an old-school console and allows your computer run these retro games.

What is a ROM file?

A ROM file is a computer file, a ripped copy of the data from a video game cartridge.

An emulator then can open, read and run a ROM file, and, in case of a game, it lets you play it. 🙂

You may be asking who makes these emulators? Basically, emulators were created by fans of particular video game consoles. Sometimes an emulator is a work of a single person, other times of a whole community of people. There is probably an emulator for every video game console imaginable.

How does retro games emulation work on Playconsole.games?

Our website uses the MAME emulator compiled through Emscripten into Javascript. (JSMAME) Cool, huh?

This emulator displays games directly in the browser (HTML5 Canvas element) and it can be played directly as well. You do not have to install any software, you do not have to download anything. Simply open the game, wait for the emulator to load the necessary game data and off you go playing.

Why play retro games in your browser?

The answer is simple. You do not have to own a console, you can play right away and on your computer. You do not need anything else to do it.

What is the reason behind Playconsole.games project?

We are gamers and we like playing games. Current, modern games look beautiful, play well, but oftentimes they miss something that classic retro games have. Atmosphere. The sense of occasion.

We try to add games for different consoles on a daily basis. We add titles we know and like playing. If you cannot find your favorite game, let us know and we will add it for you.


Console games no longer have to be only the domain of consoles. Now you can play console games right in your web browser. You do not need to install Flash, download ROM files or anything like that. The games are played directly in your browser. Bring back the memories of all those wonderful games you used to play or could not play. Because now you can!

Enjoy playing!