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Released in 1994 on SNES
Stunt Race FX SNES front cover
A SNES-exclusive racing game that utilizes the Super FX chip to bring stylized vehicles to life in polygonal 3D.

Thanks to an improved version of the SuperFX Chip, Stunt Race FX was the first racing game for the SNES to feature fully polygonal cars and levels, which made it possible for the game to include gradients and obstacles that could not be realized in earlier, “flat” racing games. Play Stunt Race FX online!

The game features four modes of play: Speed Trax is basically an arcade mode where the player has to qualify for each upcoming race by reaching checkpoints while collecting items to restore his damage- and boost-bar. It is divided into a Novice-, Expert-, and Master class, with each class featuring four unique tracks. In Stunt Trax the player has to complete courses filled with obstacles within a certain time limit while trying to collect as many stars as possible. Battle Trax is a two player mode taking place on special tracks without any CPU-controlled opponents. Finally, Test Run let’s the player practice all tracks that have been unlocked.

  • Game Developer
    Nintendo EAD
  • Game Publisher
    Nintendo of America Inc.
  • Game Genre
    Racing / Driving
  • Game Perspective
    1st-person, Behind view
  • Game Release date
Avarage user rating
5.0 /5
Rating breakdown
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

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